How do I update the SMG's SSL Certificate?

How do I update the SMG's SSL Certificate?

Please follow these instructions to update the SSL/TLS certificate on your SecureMail Gateway:
  1. Login to the web administration at
  2. Click on Certificate -> Upload in the top menu.
  3. Copy/Paste your new certificate in PEM format into the top box. You can also paste the new private key here if you're replacing it. The private key must also be in PEM format and not encrypted.
  4. Copy/Paste your chain certificate(s) in PEM format into the bottom box, one after the other.
  5. Click Submit.
This will replace the SSL certificate used both for HTTPS and SMTP communications by your SMG. It will also restart the necessary services so that the new certificates are used.
If you have multiple (clustered) SMG servers, you will need to upload the new certificates on each node. A different hostname (FQDN) and certificate can be used for each server.

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