MFA setup for Office 365

Multi-Factor Setup for Office 365 Accounts

This FAQ will guide you through the process of setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your Office 365 accounts, which is now a requirement since Feb 28 2020 on all Fast&Secure accounts. The walk-through will focus on using the Microsoft authenticator app.

You will be prompted to set this up when you login via a browser; but you can also manually start the process by going here:

After entering your username (email) and password, you will receive this prompt:

Click the Next button.

Then select the 'Receive notifications for verification' radio button, and then click 'Set up':

Now you will need to go to your mobile device (Windows phone, Android or iOS) and download the 'Microsoft authenticator' app as instructed:

Once downloaded, open the app and click the 'add an account' in the top menu, and choose 'Work or School' account. It will bring up your camera where you simply scan the QR code displayed. After it successfully adds the account, click Next. If you run into a timeout error or some other error, click cancel and the click 'Set up' again and it will generate a new code for you.

Now, It should send your phone a push notification while on the next sceen:

Click the 'Approve' button on the push notification and it will then show 'Verification successful' and you can click the 'Done' button to complete the setup.

Please see this video by Microsoft showing the entire process:

After setting up MFA on your device, you should only be prompted for this MFA verification very infrequently, not every time you login. However, signing in from any NEW devices will require you to approve the sign-in via the Authenticator app by simply pressing the 'Approve' button when it appears during log in. 

If you need assistance in setting up your authenticator app to access your Fast&Secure Office 365 email account, please feel free to contact so we can assist!

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