Why can't I open email in my inbox? ("Digital ID cannot be found")

Why can't I open email in my inbox? ("Digital ID cannot be found")

Error message when opening encrypted email

If you are receiving some emails to your inbox that contain a padlock icon and are unreadable, it most likely means that the message was encrypted properly, but was not decrypted by your SecureMail Gateway or Fast&Secure service. The reason your email messages are not being decrypted is most likely because your inbound mail is not passing through your SMG server.

Please check your organizations INBOUND mail stream to confirm that mail is being directed through your SecureMail Gateway. We generally recommend setting your MX record in DNS to your Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus service, then passing all inbound mail to your SMG server, and finally configuring the SMG to deliver to your mail server or service. This will allow for the system to automatically decrypt the incoming messages and deliver them to your inbox. Any emails that arrived still encrypted will need to be re-sent once you have added the SMG to your inbound mail path.

It could also be that the sender is using an old certificate to encrypt the email to you. If this is the case, you will need to send them a digitally signed email by tagging the email subject with [sign], including the brackets. They can then view your current certificate and choose to import it and use for securing emails to you when sending via their mail client or secure email solution.

If you are still receiving an error, please submit a ticket with the sender's email, your email, and approximate date/time of the email. 

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