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            How do I reset my SecureMessenger passphrase if I have forgotten it?

            If you have received a SecureMessenger message and previously set up a passphrase, but can no longer remember it, you can reset your account on the system. There is a link at the bottom of the SecureMessenger login page in case you need to update or reset your own clue and passphrase:

            Once you click that link, you need to enter your old passphrase, or you can click 'Forgot Passphrase' if you don't know it:


            Then you must read and accept the disclaimer, and click the 'Reset Account' button:

            Your template is deleted and you're redirected to the register page so you can register as normal. Enter your email address and you will receive a new email to start a new registration:

            NOTE: This feature is only available to recipients that have created their own accounts. Otherwise this link is not displayed.

            NOTE: Your new clue/passphrase will only apply to new SecureMessenger messages. So, you may need to have the sender resend any secure emails that you cannot open.

            Updated: 03 Oct 2019 08:11 AM
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