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            How do I use an external person's certificate to send them S/MIME secure email?

            If you have external contact that has their own S/MIME certificate for email signatures and encryption, our solutions can very easily capture and use this to send secured emails to them.

            1. First, our system will need to capture or 'harvest' their certificate. In order to do this, have the person send a digitally signed email to you.
            2. Next, the certificate and its issuer will automatically be harvested. As long as it is not expired and issued by a trusted party, the system will be able to use it to send S/MIME encrypted emails.
            3. Finally, send a secured email to the recipient. Instead of using SecureMessenger and requiring the external user to retrieve via the web portal, the system will use the certificate to encrypt the email via S/MIME and automatically deliver it directly to their inbox!

            Important Notes: You must first have an active account on the system in order for the certificate to be harvested. Also, if step 3 still uses SecureMessenger, please contact your administrator. They may need to manually mark the harvested certificate as 'trusted' before the system will use it.

            Updated: 04 Apr 2018 03:34 AM
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