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            How do I reset a recipient's secure passphrase?

            If a recipient receives a SecureMessenger message encrypted with a clue and passphrase they established a while ago, they may have forgotten the passphrase. If your system allows for open registration, they can reset their own template and re-register by following the instructions in the attached document. 

            As the administrator, you can update or remove their existing template by following these steps:
            • Login to your SMG's Web Administration
            • Navigate to the 'Templates' menu, and the click on 'List'
            • Search for the recipient's email address in the top box (use a '%' character as a wildcard)
            • Find the selected template and click on it to edit
            • To remove, select the checkbox next to it and click 'Delete Selected Templates'
            IMPORTANT: After the template is removed, the sender should re-send the secure email. This will prompt the recipient to create a new clue and passphrase which will be used to encrypt the new message. The recipient can NOT use the new passphrase to open the old message.

            Updated: 03 May 2017 11:27 PM
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