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            SecureMessenger Quick Guide


            The GlobalCerts SecureMessengerTM system allows you to securely send and receive emails and attachments over the unsecure internet. Instead of receiving the email directly to your inbox, you will receive a notification email, which will direct you to log in to the SecureMessenger portal over a secure, encrypted HTTPS connection. After authenticating, you can view your secured email and all previously opened messages from that organization.


            The first time you receive a secure email from a sender, you will need to set up a ‘passphrase’ to open the secure messages. Note: Some organizations allow the sender to create this passphrase for you. They will relay this information to you in another secure manner.

            You will receive a registration email that looks like this one:

            Figure 1 Registration Email

            Click on the registration link and complete the form to register. SecureMessenger allows you to enter a hint or clue to remind you of the passphrase you will establish. We recommend creating a long passphrase with multiple words, rather than a traditional short password string.

            Figure 2 Registration Form

            Once you successfully complete the form, you will receive a confirmation message:

            Figure 3 Registration Acceptance

            Go back to your inbox and you will see a new notification email containing link(s) to retrieve your secure email(s).

            Figure 4 SecureMessenger Notification

            Reading Secure Emails

            Every time you receive a new email through SecureMessenger, you will get a notification email with a unique secure link to that message. You must click on that link and unlock the message with your passphrase for every new message. Here is what the notification will look like:

            Figure 5 Notification Email

            When you click on the login link, you will see the following log in page:

            Figure 6 SecureMessenger Login Page

            Enter your passphrase and click Submit. You will now see a secure inbox appear as a new tab or window. NOTE: If you see nothing, please check to see if the window may have opened behind your current browser window.

            Figure 7 SecureMessenger Inbox

            Here you will have a list of all currently available secure messages from the sender’s organization in one place. Simply click on any one of them to open and read the message and view the attachments:

            Figure 8 Viewing a SecureMessenger Message


            Replying Securely

            To securely reply to a SecureMessenger message, simply click the reply button at the top right of the screen and compose the message as normal:

            Figure 9 Reply to SecureMessenger Message

            From here you can reply to the original sender and anyone else within their organization. You can also add attachments to the reply up to the size indicated on the system. NOTE: If you choose ‘Reply All’, your reply will NOT be sent to anyone external to their organization since the system cannot securely deliver to them.

            GlobalCerts is dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled fast and knowledgeable support. For any questions regarding the SecureMessenger portal, please contact GlobalCerts Technical Support at or (855) 614-2378.

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