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            SMG Cluster synchronization issues

            If one or both of the SMGs in a cluster lose power suddenly, or are shut down improperly, the database synchronization between the nodes can become broken. This occurs because the mysql database running on the server isn't shut down properly, and may have been in the middle of a transaction when power was lost, and it doesn't know where to restart replication once power is restored.

            One symptom that replication is down between your nodes is that recipients of SecureMessenger messages are complaining that they receive an error message when attempting to  access a new message saying:

            This message is no longer available. Please contact the sender if you have questions.

            Any time a SecureMail Gateway in a cluster is shut down and restarted, it is advised to login to the administration console and check the replication status by going to "View" -> "Cluster Status". On the stop of the page it should show all nodes, and you should see the "Status" as "UP" and "Replication" as "UP". If not please contact GlobalCerts support to correct the issue. 
            If replication is marked as 'DOWN' for a cluster, rebooting the SMGs will NOT fix the issue and may make it take even longer to recover. Please contact GlobalCerts support for assistance.

            Updated: 05 Sep 2019 03:31 AM
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