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            Routing your mail through Fast&Secure

            If you are only using Fast&Secure services for encryption services and you are hosting your mailboxes on your own on-premise mail server or another hosting provider, you will need to ensure that both outbound and inbound mail are securely routed to the Fast&Secure service.

            Outbound Routing:
            Please set up a send connector "smarthost" to route all email to the following smarthost: "".
            Please notify GlobalCerts of your mail server's external hostname or IP address so that we may add it to Fast&Secure's Access Control List. Otherwise our service will not accept your outbound emails. If you are on Office 365, then Fast&Secure will already accept your mail by default.

            If you're on Office365, please refer to this KB article about setting up a connector and rules to route mail via Fast&Secure.

            Inbound Routing:
            Please set your MX record to go to your existing AS/AV services.
            Then, set your AS/AV to route inbound mail to "" instead of your mail server. 
            Finally, please notify GlobalCerts support of your mail server's external hostname of IP address so that we can route your inbound mail to your organization's email server. If you are on Office 365, this should be a FQDN like this: ""

            Please ensure that all routes require a secure (TLS) connection to ensure the confidentiality of your organization's emails.

            Updated: 30 Nov 2017 02:54 AM
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